on September 14, 2016
Drain Cleaner and Septic Tank Treatment 2 lb. Safe Natural Enzymes. Powerful Bacteria.Nature's Soldiers.

l wanted a natural and clean way to maintain the septic system and drains in my home. Since live out in the county with no city sewage, it's important to do all I can humanly do to protect the pipes and septic systems. I don't want any costly repairs, or disgusting back ups. This drain cleaner is simple and easy to use. It can be used to maintain the drains and septic tank or used to help unclog slow running drains. The product uses natural bacteria to "eat away" at the build up in drains. I used this product in the master bath, the regular bath and all the sink drains in the house. All I did was take a scoop of the product, dissolve it in a pint of warm water and slowly pour it down the drains. After that, I let the product sit for several hours before using any water or flushing commodes. It was very easy to use with detailed directions on the back of the jar and an included scoop for measurement. As far as how well it worked for me, I'd say excellent. I see a definite difference in the drains and the flow of them being emptied more efficiently. I also used it on the commodes to maintain the septic system. I also noticed that this is good for cat litter. I haven't tried that yet, but definitely will! The product has no scent, it won't harm your skin or the environment and best of all, this is over 100 uses. If you use it for just septic tank treatment, 12 full uses. I consider it a good value. I paid 14.95 to try this product. New companies want to get their names out there. I am not a paid reviewer, but sometimes get products to try at a discount. Very few items are free, some are discounted more than others, many cost about half price. I also purchase many many things on Amazon, full priced. Anyone can review products. It takes a lot of time and effort and some get angry at the review process. Please don't, many businesses are just trying to get a start, and need people to try their products. I won't purposely mislead anybody for any reason. I have no complaints or problems and the product I've tried is working very well for me.I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. The discount I received will not alter my honest opinion in any way. Since I count on honest product reviews to make my selections on Amazon, I will always be forthcoming and sincere in all my reviews. No matter if the product is discounted or not, I will leave honest feedback that I base on my own personal experience with the product I receive. I am in no way affiliated with any supplier or manufacturer of goods.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 6, 2016
I was skeptical at first look. But I gave it a try and had a positive experience...

1. Follow the instructions for the type of clog/drain you are working on!
2. For most drains we let a scoop sit in a cup of warm/hot water for 30-minutes to activate the bacteria
3. Then we slowly poured it down the sink and made sure nobody used the sink for 6-8hrs


+ The 2lb tub is easy to store on the shelf, yet packed with plenty of uses. I think the tub says over 100 uses.

+ This product is clean and has no scent. Not harsh like many other chemical options out there.

+ My wife asked that I use this on the kitchen sink. Even after one evening of letting it sit 6-8hrs (per instructions) before using the sink she says she already notices a difference.

+ At our work we don't have a garbage disposal and people use the sink for everything. When using the high pressure faucet it fills up pretty fast. Three nights of this (5 nights in a row is recommended dosage) and it is much better.

+ I've used it about a dozen scoops and the tub still looks very full. This will last a long time.

+ I did have trouble in my bathroom sink which is mostly clogged with hair. I contacted the Simply Earth and they immediately responded (nice!).
They advised that hair is troublesome for all pipe cleaning companies. Yes, you could use DrainO and burn a small, temporary hole in the hair clog, but it will soon clog again. Aint that the truth! Thus Simply Earth recommends to use this over the course of several weeks if dealing with a mostly hair clog, which I'm in the process of doing.

OVERALL: Best for non-hair clogs, this worked for us with only a few treatments. We are very happy with this product.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 15, 2016
I got this tank treatment over a month ago; I wanted to wait and see if it really did work, and it does! It's not just for septic tanks. We are on city water, but I have a slow drain in the shower and sink in the bathroom. To use this, you put a few scoops (the amount of scoops is different, depending on where you are using it), into warm water (I use an old pineapple juice bottle) and let it sit for 30 minutes, in the bottle. I treat my drains at night, when I know no one is going to use them. The bacteria need a good 6-8 hours in the drain to do their work. My shower drain is not as slow anymore; you do need to do it for five straight nights at first, then a maintenance dose monthly. I have tried everything in my shower drain, harsh drain cleaners, nothing worked, until I tried this. It's not harmful to the environment, and I feel a lot less guilty dumping it down the drain, than I do the drain cleaners (that stuff ate a hole through my jeans where a drop got on me,not the best thing for the planet...)
*I received a sample of this drain cleaner free in exchange for my honest review. It's worth the $40 price for the tub, it should last me the year.
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on August 21, 2016
My mother and father built a home a few years ago and have been needing the tank cleaned. The plumbing in the guest bath has had problems ever since the guys came in a renovated everything. This treatment has not only saved them time and cost, but has seemed to work effectively. It is easy to use and of a higher quality than whatever they picked up at the local hardware store a few weeks ago.

I love the size of the container. Overall, an easy to use septic tank treatment that arrives in a large enough container to be used and used again. Very cost-effective, and a whole lot easier than calling a serviceman. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 31, 2016
I am the first to admit when it comes to cleaning a clogged drain I reach for a 100% chemical, strong solution. I admit that I didn't think that an all natural product would work. I was excited to try Natures Soldiers Drain Cleaner and Septic Maintainer; but I didn't really think it would work. I was wrong. I did two treatments in my bathtub and 2 treatments in my bathroom sink well over 2 weeks ago. THESE pipes are CLEAN!! No odor! No chemical smell, no strong disgusting smell like other products that I've used. Just sinks and a tub that drains quickly!! I love that you don't have to use much so this container will last for a very long time. 100 treatments! It's good for septic tanks too! These little soldiers (billions of tiny bacteria that eat up all the gunk in your drains) are hard workers!! I am extremely impressed! Not a single whine here!! I received a free or greatly discounted product for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe
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on September 6, 2016
The item arrived on time and the container was sealed. The instructions are easy to read and give mixing instructions for all the uses of this product from drain treatments to septic tank treatments. I found it handy to use an empty milk jug and measure out 1, 2 and 3 pints and mark them so I can just fill the jug to the line corresponding to the treatment I need. The jug also makes it easy to mix by shaking it. We chose to treat our downstairs toilet that had been clogging very often and flushing slowly. The directions recommend doing the treatment 5 days in a row initially. By day 3 the toilet was flushing much faster. By day 5 the toilet was flushing like a champ. Can't wait to try it on the upstait's sink! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. If you find this review helpful in any way, please click the yes helpful link below.
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I've had problems with one of my bathroom sink drains for years, requiring monthly drain cleanings like clockwork, so I was happy when I was offered a discounted sample of this cleaner for review. I've used standard Draino type products, as well as pure lye as a means of addressing my problem. The lye was the best performer, but it's a bit dangerous to work with, and I've wondered about the effects that it might have on pipe seals. In any event, after following the directions on the container carefully, I've had fantastic results. I like the fact that this is a natural product that utilizes hungry bacteria to eat away at clogs in a gentle, yet effective manner. Also, this cleaner is a real bargain, offering over 100 treatments from 2 pounds, as opposed to the 5 or 10 that I would get from a similar amount of lye. I won't be returning to my old products.

TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 22, 2016
This is a very good treatment for your septic systems as it employs the power of beneficial bacteria to help digest the sewage and other things stuck inside your pipes. Make sure to dissolve as much as you can in a separate container prior to use. If you simple pour some in, they will clump, as I did first without reading instructions. Also, the particles are micro-sized and behaves like fine flour, so if you have a face mask use it when you poor this into a container prior to use. A very good regiment to keep your septic system in healthy shape.

Coupon code resulted in low/no price purchase for evaluation. After years of owning a home and several rental properties with septic tanks, I learned one big difference...our septic never ever once had a problem while tenants seemed to need a plumber out about ever six months. After spending hundreds of dollars on plumbers, we tried just about everything..and guess what worked? Yep...enzymes. One of the big culprits is grease which seems to build up in the tank and eventually create problems with filtration...and that is a problem NOBODY wants to have. Now, I have no idea why so many tenants use so much grease but the fact is, once we started using enzyme treatments the problem stopped...well, except for kids throwing toys in the toilet but that is the way of the world. Now, admittedly, I used the big brand name with a large R on the front but hate the cardboard boxes and high cost. This takes a preventative maintenance approach and is good for multiple uses - super easy to use - no toxic chemicals or safety concerns. Coupon code resulted in low/no price purchase for evaluation.
The SAFE way to keep your drains running right! Don't use Lye (Drano) or acid based products- they aren't safe for you, your kids, your pets, your pipes or your plumber. Also better for the environment.

Just use this stuff as directed and you will have free flowing drains (and maybe get one of those weird drain hair cleaner thingees).

For those on Septic, this is especially critical, and this stuff should reduce the number of time you have to have your cesspool pumped, so it saves money too!

Even those this is safe, don't gargle with it, or get into your eyes, and wash your hands afterwards. But no need for goggles or rubber gloves.

on August 27, 2016
I've had some slow drains lately so did some research and found out how enzymes help break down that crap..who knew/???
I'd been noticing lately that the drains are a little slow. The only thing I have against this and all the others is you need to do this at a time when you won't be running water down the drains for a few hours. It's best for me to treat my drains before I leave for work, but for some people, overnight would be just as good. Have you ever removed that plastic pipe that exits your garbage disposal and connects to the main sink drain? Over the years it gets full of greasy black disgusting gunk! This type of product re-opens the pipe and the enzymes eventually eat away.
This isn't a one-time drain cleaning fix. This product is more of a maintenance item. You mix it with water and pour. So far I've used it down my washer's stand pipe and the garbage disposal. This helps immensely with the funky garbage disposal smell, too.

This works just as well as Bio-Clean but is a little cheaper in price